Fall 2017 Registration information for Special Needs Soccer:

If you have a special needs child between the ages of 5 and 13 and are interested in our program, all the information you need about registering is available below.

We are now partnering with the Port Washington Soccer Club to expand the program for the Fall 2017 season. The Fall 2017 Sessions will be held at the Sousa Elementary School just inside the fence on Cow Neck Road (see schedule and map below). You can park along Cow Neck Road and there is a convenient entrance in the fence right next to the playing area.

This Fall there will be onsite and online registration. To register on-site, bring your completed registration form to the Sousa School on the first day you attend with a check for $150 made out to: Special Needs Soccer, Inc.. To Register online, go to create an account (select the Login Button on the top right), and register for the Fall 2017 Special Needs Soccer Program.

We do not have enough registrations to support a Fall 2017 program

Please have your child wear shin-guards, bring plenty of water and bring an appropriate sized ball:
  » Size 5 Ball: Ages 12 and up
  » Size 4 Ball: Ages 8 and 12 years
  » Size 3 Ball: Under 8 years

Our program will have a “rolling registration” — meaning that you can register at any time during the season. Therefore, if you miss the first or second session, you can still register for the remaining sessionsRolling Registrations will still be charged the fee. Registration fees will not be pro-rated. Just follow the same procedure as outlined above.

Soccer For All

If you’re interested in having your child take part in Port’s special needs soccer program, but unsure of whether their physical / mental capabilities will allow them to participate, please contact us to see how we can work with you. Port Washington Soccer’s program is based on the national Special Needs Soccer philosophy “Participation Not Competition.” Thus we want all the challenged youth of our community to gain the benefits from our program, not just children with Autism.

Registration Form
Spring 2017 Schedule:

Sousa School Map

Mailing List
Not interested in registering at this time, but would still like to stay informed? Please sign up for our mailing list, and we will keep you abreast of future announcements.

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